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As many average individuals fail to achieve their weight loss goals on the same diets celebrities have used to achieve incredible results,

It begs the question…

Can the average person really lose more than 25lbs in 1 month & look amazing with ZERO exercise, ZERO fasting and ZERO absurd diet regimens?

Well, as one breakthrough NEW test confirms...

Indeed, you or any average person CAN lose excess fat very quickly. Even the stubborn, up-to-no-good fat in areas like your belly, thighs, arms and chin.

But there’s 1 hidden trick to kickstarting your rapid weight loss 3x faster...

To sum up this trick,

You first need to understand something called ketosis, then tweak your diet to get the benefits of ketosis without strict diets or exercise using the free test below -

Ketosis is how you activate your body’s peak metabolism - where you naturally burn fat instead of glucose for energy...

The reason ketosis burns away even your most stubborn areas of fat is because, in ketosis, your body burns up all the excess fat it can get as your source of energy.

How this happens is via chemical signals called ketones - which instruct your metabolism to switch from burning glucose to burning any excess fat left in your body.

New studies have found that,

You may now take your ketosis to the next level using Advanced BMI Keto (free test).

This is the hidden secret for 3X RAPID WEIGHT LOSS most of the public hasn't discovered yet… it instructs your body to instantly release fat burning ketones without any exercise!

As Advanced BMI Keto CEO, Henrik Le explains:

"The difference between a celebrity, Melissa McCarthy for example, and your regular busy professional who're both on the same diet is that...

Melissa McCarthy

“Melissa McCarthy gets a certain level of personalised body type diagnosis, Body Mass Index assessment and individualised meal suggestions that your average Jane or Joe simply doesn’t have access to due to high $5,000+ costs of getting such an individualized assessments done.”

“And, you know what, that makes all the difference -...”

“Because that most effective celebrity weight loss plans tailored based on the celebs precise metabolism, tastes in (very important) and various other lifestyle factors…"

“So, often the result is that,

"You see the incredible weight loss transformations of celebrities all over the internet and are left confused as to how they did it on the same diets you found yourself frustrated with!"

“As with anything, the devil is in the details!”

“And such personalized assistance really has been the ‘secret master move of the inner circle elite’ when it comes to rapid weight loss…”

“The only problem for the average individual is that, to get such personalized plans - only done by top experts in metabolism, food science and biochemistry - costs easily run upwards of $5,000 to $8,000!”

Leveling The Playing Field

But, small problem…

Most people probably don't have $5k to $8k lying around to spare for weight loss. Right?


And that's why Advanced BMI Keto was designed to deliver the same level of customized celebrity assessment via a simple 5-step quiz you can take free online today.

It's a simple algorithm that takes your key details via a free test, then computes what you should do next through an intelligent weight loss algorithm...

This way, you don't have to pay thousands of dollars to look and feel good like most celebs who clearly have movie-star budgets and can afford to employ the best full time.

Take Free Test Right Now - Ending 11:59 PM {Date 3 Days Away}

It will soon be priced at $399 per test. STILL A BARGAIN compared to $5k to $8k most facilities charge, where you may even feel uncomfortable getting undressed in front of a stranger.

However, for a limited time you can take your test free - as part of our latest ‘thanksgiving’ to show appreciation to influencers and their followers who helped us get the word out there in the beginning...

To show your support and appreciation, simply share Advanced BMI Keto with your friends after taking your free and encourage them to get the word out there before this ends.

And note. If you're already on the keto (or any other diet), this new information you discover from your free test could quickly 3X your weightloss in ONLY 1 month - over 27lbs lost!

You also have the option to get $1.99 amazing customized recipes tailored to your specific test results - delicious, non-restrictive diets that take the confusion out of what you should eat next based on your unique body type.

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